Winter Scuba Certification Special

$349 Winter Referral Special

Its too cold to dive in Pittsburgh now–but you want to get certified to dive–and you don’t have a lot of money to spare.  WE CAN HELP! One option is to do part of your training here with ATA, and then take a referral to complete the rest on vacation.  We are offering an extraordinary winter special. This special sale package is designed for the traveler on a budget and is available for a limited time only (sign-up between Feb 10th – March 15th, 2021 complete by April 30th, 2021).  Because of its extremely low cost, it does not include some of the things in our all regular packages (personal gear that is yours to keep, in-person academics, flexible scheduling, and extra sessions if needed). It does get you ready to be certified–without a lot of cost.  You may always upgrade to one of our more inclusive packages — which are well worth the modest increase


1 Academic Review Session

3 Confined Water (Pool Sessions)

Use of Rental Gear during Confined Water Sessions

Referral Package to complete training dives anywhere in the world

Not Included:

Academic E-Learning materials

Costs associated with 4 Open Water Training Dives required to complete certification

Step 1: Sign-up & Purchase E-learning materials

Step 2: Schedule Gear Fitting & Training Sessions

Step 3: Complete Confined Water Sessions

Step 4: Receive Referral Package