ATA Travel Advantages

Early Bird Booking Bonus Program:

  • Pick your rooming assignment/location by order of booking
  • 1st & 2nd to book—receive a $50.00 rebate off the trip per person in your group.
  • First 6 people to book: Receive free gear cleaning on return from trip*

*dates to be eligible for specific early bird booking bonuses may vary by trip–ask for specific details for each trip

Booking Bonus Program—EVERYONE Booking Trip Receives:

  • Free Trip Gift
  • Free Pre-trip refresher Pool Session
  • $99 OW Certification or $50 Trip Specialty Course*
  • Professional Support of Experience Dive Instructor on the trip
  • Photos of trip
  • Free Log/Photo back-up service on trip

Frequent ATA Traveler Bonus Program:

Book 3 eligible trips in a year with ATA – receive a $200 credit voucher towards a 4th trip (must be used within 18 months)—issued as a credit toward the final payment on 4th trip…

The Fine Print:
* Bonus' Based on 7 Day or Longer Trips
* Booked = minimum deposit paid in full
* Trip must be paid in full by payment deadlines before bonuses are received
* Rooming Choices are in your level of room purchase — you can’t pick a level of room you didn’t book.
* Frequent ATA Traveler Bonus Program -  Applicable on all trips booked or taken after January 1, 2019
* Early Bird Bonus Program - Applicable on all trips booked after January 1st, 2019 
* Gear Cleaning - We’ll wash, clean, and get all the salt out of everything and perform minor servicing (does not replace your annual servicing required for warranty) $30.00 Value