ATA Travel Advantages

Early Bird Booking Bonus Program:

  • Pick your rooming assignment/location by order of booking
  • 1st & 2nd to book—receive a $25.00 rebate off the trip per person in your group.
  • 1st & 2nd to book—course discount extends to include a crew-pack and c-card pp.
  • First 6 people to book: Receive free gear cleaning on return from trip—we’ll wash, clean, and get all the salt out of everything and perform minor servicing (does not replace your annual servicing required for warranty) $30.00 Value

*dates to be eligible for specific early bird booking bonuses may vary by trip–ask for specific details for each trip

Booking Bonus Program—Everyone Booking Trip Receives:

  • Free Trip Gift
  • Free Pre-trip refresher Pool Session
  • 1/2 Price Class-7 day trips/Free Class- 10-14 day trips
  • Professional Support of PADI Instructors on the trip
  • Photos of trip
  • Free Log/Photo back-up service on trip

Frequent ATA Traveler Bonus Program:

Book 3 eligible trips in a year with ATA – receive a $200 credit voucher towards a 4th trip (must be used within 18 months)—issued as a credit toward the final payment on 4th trip.. Applicable on all trips booked or taken from January 1, 2015 forward.

The fine print:
*This Program applies to 7 day or longer trips only!
*Booked = minimum deposit paid in full
*Trip must be paid in full before bonuses are received
*Rooming Choices are in your level of room purchase—you can’t pick a level of room you didn’t book.
*Frequent ATA Traveler Bonus Program -  Applicable on all trips booked or taken after January 1, 2015
*Early Bird Bounus Program - Applicable on all trips booked after January 1, 2015 (first qualifying trip trip December 2015)